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Dr. Chil Khakham, NMD and Dr. Stephanie Hendershot, NMD are now offering pharmaceutical grade supplements previously reserved exclusively for their patients. This means you get the highest quality professional formulas with the correct dosages and forms.

When you order from Rx Supplement Store you will receive a personalized dosing protocol to help you effectively reach your health goals.

In order for supplements to work effectively, proper dosing protocols must be established.  The doctors wish to bring their years of clinical experience to offer you the correct dose and forms that have helped their patient's successfully achieve their health goals.


Rx Supplement Store provides supplements that have extensive Quality Assurance program guarantees.  The brands we use adhere to careful ingredient sourcing, rigorous manufacturing standards, and third-party laboratory reviews of all finished products for potency and purity.  Why is this important?  You can rest assured you're getting the highest quality products at Rx Supplement Store.  Below are a few of the third party tested laboratories.

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At Rx Supplement Store Dr. Chil Khakham, NMD and Dr. Stephanie Hendershot, NMD believe in using only the highest quality, third party tested, nutraceutical grade supplements. They're excited to be able to offer these once exclusive brands to you!


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We realized there wasn't a place to order high quality, doctor recommended, professional grade vitamins and supplements, that actually worked.

That's why we created RxSupplementStore.com for you

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