We understand how much you love pharmaceutical grade supplements such as Apex Energetics, Seroyal, XYMOGEN, Orthomolecular, and more. What we've been noticing lately is a lot of folks (like you?) were recommended these products by a previous practitioner, however you are no longer able to get your supplements from them (you moved, they closed, etc.) Unfortunately, due to these companies policies, their products are only available to those under the care and supervision of one of the doctors from RxSupplementStore or from our clinic, Skin and Natural Medicine. We are committed to making sure YOU have access to the necessary nutrition to help you achieve your health goals; whether you're looking to remain healthy or seeking healing from disease. So in order to be able to purchase these clinical proven supplements whenever you need, you need to have patient access to our store. If you do not currently have patient access, email us at contact@rxsupplementstore.com to schedule a FREE 15 minute consultation with one of our doctors or call us at (760) 230 2922. If you are already a patient, please use the password given to you to proceed with your order.

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